i love you artemis fowl please marry me


Fall Vibes. In caps. You knew it was coming, didn't you?

I realised that this is actually probably a shorter list than you were expecting, mainly because I've been hyping it up so much.

Okay, anyways, let me talk about stuff I love for fall. (Vibes, not specific pieces, by the way.)

1. Prep - I don't like that Abercrombie stuff. When I say prep, I mean kind of like the picture above, like plaids and kneesocks and blazers. East Coast Prep is something that I really love. And I would really love to dress like that, but it's a little impractical sometimes. I just want to dress in a way that reminds people of ivy-covered old brick buildings.

2. Spooky stuff - I lo-o-ve creepy legends and ghost stories, and I'm always the one of my friends who makes everyone else do a seance, even if everyone else is too chicken. I like to dress up and sometimes do spooky makeup for them (except we never get around to that part), and I travel with my ouija board. So I'm a bit weird, yes.

3. The combination of spooky stuff and preppy stuff. This should be pretty self-explanatory.

4. I like dressing with a specific purpose. Like, 'Today, I'm going to dress like Gilda Joyce. (Or Jenny Phelps, or Waverly Academy. Stuff like that.)'

Anyways, that's about it for now.


Blazer - Forever21
Cowl-Neck Top - JJ Basics (uh okay?)
Book - Pride and Prejudice (heh)
Skirt - Forever21
Kneesocks - Not sure - probably Target
Shoes (yes, they are always untied; no need to ask again) - Target (aren't you getting tired of seeing these shoes?)