adventures in france.


I thought I'd take this opportunity to post some pictures from France. Namely, Carcassone. The first time I heard about Carcassone, it was 'cause there was a board game with the same name. The game was really complicated. I don't remember it being very much fun.

The city's way better than the board game, I guarantee. 

Anyways, I have really cool pictures of the city, but I got really distracted by this cemetery one afternoon. It was really interesting to go see, and I got to take some photographs. I'm only posting a couple - apparently my camera's image library needs to be 'upgraded' before it will work in iPhoto. So I just screen-shotted some pictures.

I'm still not going to talk about fall style in this post (even though I really, really want to). Instead, let me just say that I apparently look French.

Why? What?

While I was in France, I was at a train station. A train was leaving. Then, this man dashed up to me and started speaking in rapid-fire French. Because I don't speak any French at all, I had to give a noncommittal shrug.

He didn't miss his train, but he had to run to catch it. I definitely didn't save the day there.

Another time, I was walking around just to stretch my legs. A French couple came up to me. The woman asked me something, but my French hadn't improved at all since my last encounter. I felt really rude shrugging, but I had no idea what else I could possibly say.

Just a random weird story I thought I'd share. I have no idea why that happened. Hah.