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at least i think i do.

I forgot about my blog for a while because I was studying for the SAT and stuff like that, but it's over now (I hope). Except the subject tests and the ACT. Okay, self - just shut up. It's totally not over. I'm just going to pretend it is for now.

Don't have anything else to say, but I am kinda liking the new Marina and the Diamonds MV (


Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Forever 21
Socks - No idea; they were just in my drawer
Shoes - Target (you can't see them that well, but they're just black wedges)
Bag - B. Makowsky (I turned it inside out because I love the leopard)


Title has nothing to do with anything. I'm just doing a quick outfit post because I feel like goofing off or watching a movie or something, and my fingers are too freezing to type very well. So without further ado, outfit time.

SHIRT: Forever21 at some point, probably. It's missing a button, but I still love it. It's just kind of hard to wear that way.
SKIRT: American Eagle. I don't usually wear tight miniskirts, but I had to make an exception for the pattern. Plus, I really like the combination of the boyish shirt with the girly skirt. It's cute and casual.
SHOES: Sperry Topsiders. I love them. Seriously.

i love you artemis fowl please marry me

Fall Vibes. In caps. You knew it was coming, didn't you?

I realised that this is actually probably a shorter list than you were expecting, mainly because I've been hyping it up so much.

Okay, anyways, let me talk about stuff I love for fall. (Vibes, not specific pieces, by the way.)

1. Prep - I don't like that Abercrombie stuff. When I say prep, I mean kind of like the picture above, like plaids and kneesocks and blazers. East Coast Prep is something that I really love. And I would really love to dress like that, but it's a little impractical sometimes. I just want to dress in a way that reminds people of ivy-covered old brick buildings.

2. Spooky stuff - I lo-o-ve creepy legends and ghost stories, and I'm always the one of my friends who makes everyone else do a seance, even if everyone else is too chicken. I like to dress up and sometimes do spooky makeup for them (except we never get around to that part), and I travel with my ouija board. So I'm a bit weird, yes.

3. The combination of spooky stuff and preppy stuff. This should be pretty self-explanatory.

4. I like dressing with a specific purpose. Like, 'Today, I'm going to dress like Gilda Joyce. (Or Jenny Phelps, or Waverly Academy. Stuff like that.)'

Anyways, that's about it for now.


Blazer - Forever21
Cowl-Neck Top - JJ Basics (uh okay?)
Book - Pride and Prejudice (heh)
Skirt - Forever21
Kneesocks - Not sure - probably Target
Shoes (yes, they are always untied; no need to ask again) - Target (aren't you getting tired of seeing these shoes?)


adventures in france.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to post some pictures from France. Namely, Carcassone. The first time I heard about Carcassone, it was 'cause there was a board game with the same name. The game was really complicated. I don't remember it being very much fun.

The city's way better than the board game, I guarantee. 

Anyways, I have really cool pictures of the city, but I got really distracted by this cemetery one afternoon. It was really interesting to go see, and I got to take some photographs. I'm only posting a couple - apparently my camera's image library needs to be 'upgraded' before it will work in iPhoto. So I just screen-shotted some pictures.

I'm still not going to talk about fall style in this post (even though I really, really want to). Instead, let me just say that I apparently look French.

Why? What?

While I was in France, I was at a train station. A train was leaving. Then, this man dashed up to me and started speaking in rapid-fire French. Because I don't speak any French at all, I had to give a noncommittal shrug.

He didn't miss his train, but he had to run to catch it. I definitely didn't save the day there.

Another time, I was walking around just to stretch my legs. A French couple came up to me. The woman asked me something, but my French hadn't improved at all since my last encounter. I felt really rude shrugging, but I had no idea what else I could possibly say.

Just a random weird story I thought I'd share. I have no idea why that happened. Hah.


carly rae jepsen is adorable, but that has nothing to do with anything.

At some point, I'm going to figure out a way to take better pictures. I really am sorry for these weird ones, but at least you can see the outfits, right? This is from yesterday as well, when I had that really fun and ridiculous photo-taking spree. Okay, cleaning it up wasn't fun, but still.

I have one outfit from that time that I'm really excited to post, because it's Fall Vibes, and I love me some Fall Vibes. I even capitalise it. Fall Vibes.

Okay, stop. I'm not going to talk about them here, 'cause that would be semi-nonsensical. This outfit is something I wore while I was in Spain (I was there in June). You can't see the shoes, but I was wearing these woven Sperry Topsiders that made me feel like I was in the wrong decade, but in a good way. I think they have little palm tree prints on the inside, which is the best part. But you can't see them, so that's not great.

My shoes definitely aren't tied in this photo. If you look at any photos I've posted/will post from yesterday, you'll see that I didn't tie my shoes. First, I'm too lazy. Second, I was only going to take them off a few minutes later, so why bother?

If you keep looking at shoes in the upcoming posts, you're going to notice that I apparently own about three or four pairs of shoes, and one of them is a pair of black wedges that I wear a lot in the pictures. I really need to get new shoes. I actually have wa-a-a-y too many pairs, but most of them are old and ridiculous. Some of them are Airwalks with sparkly bugs on them. Enough said.


Skirt - Lush brand (I have no idea where I got it, okay?)
Shoes - Sperry Topsiders (Maybe I bought these in Virginia...)
Top - H&M (Pretty sure I got this in London)
Vest - Macy's (Maybe...I actually am not sure at all)
Necklace - Borrowed



cats and other pointlessly cool things.

So if you're reading this, then you probably stumbled upon my blog. Huh. Anyways, I just wanted to say hello (yay) and do an outfit post. I would totally end that sentence with a question mark if I could, but it really doesn't make sense.

Anyways, I just made a hu-u-ge mess of all my clothing making a bunch of outfits and taking pictures. I'm probably going to post them one at a time (I have about six).

I'm just going to apologise in advance for the fact that the only camera I have is my Mac. I'm also going to apologise for the faux-hipster editing or whatever. It was that or nothing - and I can tell you that just plain Mac pictures aren't particularly nice looking. Maybe once I get more into this blog, I'll post better pictures. Gotta figure that out.

Anyways, so let me try and figure out where this stuff is from.

Choker - Borrowed
Bag (it looks like a scarf or a red burst of light, but it's not) - Borrowed
Heels - Target
Blazer - Nordstrom (ON SALE a while ago)
Tank Top - Probably Target
Pants - Buffalo (I have no memory of where I bought them, but I love them)



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